Final Thoughts

Nijmegen The Netherlands
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Journal Entry:

It was scary, but exciting. When I first got on the plane to move to a country thousands of miles away from home, I did not know what to expect from a new life in The Netherlands. What were the people like? What was the food like? What did people there do for fun? Would people there be like me? In the past months, I have learned the answers to many of those questions, although I still have many more questions yet to be answered! I have found that a lot of things here in The Netherlands are different from those in the United States, such as traditions and customs. Although their Christmas celebrations look a lot like ours in the U.S., they celebrate Sinterklaas on December 5th, not December 25th. I've also found that food here is different from the food in the United States but it is still lekker! Beyond these differences, there are many similarities between things in The Netherlands and the United States. I learned that The Netherlands helped to found colonies in America and that our two countries have a long history together. The more I learn and explore and meet people in Europe the more I find that our countries have in common.