Julianne's Expedition to Botswana

Current Location

Livingstone Zambia

Hi! I'm Julianne, and I am a professional photographer and adventurer. Join me on a more than 1,000-mile biking expedition across Botswana and Naimibia. What will we see along the way?


I was excited to finally start biking. I heard a crocodile hissing outside my room and monkeys stole my sunscreen. Welcome to Africa!


Hello! My name is Julianne Gauron and I am a photographer from Boston, Massachusetts. On this expedition I focused on my love of adventure, animals and nature. Join me!

Field Notes

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Are you ready to meet Julianne and get this incredible virtual exchange expedition to Botswana underway?Check out the kick-off video call, where Julianne gives us a preview of the adventure to come!