--Julian's Journey to Thailand

Current Location

Vientiane, Laos

Sawatdee krupp! I'm Julian, and I teach English to university students in Khon Kaen, Thailand! I'll also be eating some delicious and spicy food along the way. Join me on my journey through Thailand!


Along with winter comes the end of my semester, which means I'm extremely busy with final exams. It also means I get to look forward to a big winter break. Check out my winter break plans here!


This is it! This is the last article I will write for Reach the World this year! Fortunately, it is not the last writing I will do on this journey. We have journals to fill and countries to explore.

Field Notes

I receive a plastic bag with nearly everything I buy, creating massive amounts of waste that all get sent to a landfill nearby. Read this article to find out what else happens to all of this waste!


1,237 steep and treacherous steps separate Tiger Cave Temple from ground level. My friend Michael and I climbed each one of them, seeing monkeys, shrines and Buddha statues along the way.