Integrating into Your Community

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Journal Entry:

Although my time in Stockholm was shorter than I would have expected, I spent my time abroad making communities that helped me become more immersed in Swedish culture and daily life. One group that made my time over there worthwhile was the Outdoor Adventure Living Learning Community (L.L.C.), where all ten of us lived on the same floor and developed a great bond with each other from the start. Being a part of this L.L.C. meant that we did weekly outdoor activities together, which allowed us to explore the greater Stockholm area beyond just living there as regular international students. 

One of the fondest memories that I have with my L.L.C. is going on our weekend trip to one of the city's outskirts, a place called Tyresö. I remember all of us not being happy about waking up early to catch the bus and making the long trek to meet our guide, but we had a fantastic time together once we arrived. We were split into two groups, where half of us planned to go hiking, while the other half would go caving. And when I say caving, it meant literally crawling through a cave!  I was set to go hiking first, so my turn to go through the cave would happen the next day. After reuniting for lunch, I heard some accounts of the activity that the caving group went through.