When I arrived in Sweden, I quickly learned about a concept that is used in everyday Swedish life. The teachers taught us the concept of lagom early on so that as foreigners, we would have an easier time integrating into Swedish society.  

What tradition did I learn about?:

Lagom is a concept that is very ingrained into Swedish culture, to the point that it could be viewed as a daily tradition. In literal translation, lagom means "in moderation," which is the concept of not having too much or too little, but just the right amount This could be applied to any scenario in daily life: not having too much coffee or too little coffee, but just the right amount of coffee, especially when you want to partake in another Swedish tradition I've metioned before that involves coffee, fika!

Why does the community have this tradition?:

The commuity has created this tradition because a big part of Swedish values is equality. Swedes try not to brag about what they have so by being lagom, everyone can be treated equally to some extent. 

Is this tradition connected to its environment? How?:

This tradition is connected to the environment becuase it helps with sustainability! When it comes to consumerism, people often want to make several purchases of the same item.