Ciao from Czech!

Prague, Czech Republic
50.075538100000, 14.437800500000
Journal Entry:

Hi all!!

Thank you for joining me on my study abroad semester in the Czech Republic. I will be here for a couple more months, so feel free to follow me for more updates on my travel Instagram @czechitoutwkatie. 

If I am to compare my two study abroad experiences, I would say that both have added something positive to my life like friends, knowledge, and memories, but I have learned different things about myself each experience, too. Despite having been abroad before, I was still nervous when heading to the Czech Republic. After all, it's a new culture with a different language and different people to meet along the way. I am, though, very grateful for both my program and, especially, my roommates! I have been surrounded by wonderful people since the beginning, and I am looking forward to continuing our adventures together during the rest of the program. I have a few more trips already planned or in the planning stages including trips to Germany and to the Netherlands.