Traveler Bio

Bonzur! Hello! My name is Katie and I am 33 years old. I was born and raised in a town in the middle of North Carolina called Winston-Salem. When I was young, I loved to pretend that I was an explorer, discovering new worlds and meeting new people. After I graduated from college, I joined the Peace Corps, a program that sends people to volunteer in other countries. I lived for three years in a village in Madagascar. Like my neighbors, I had no running water and electricity! One thing people talked about a lot in my village was how the weather was changing. The rains they relied on to grow their crops would come late, or not at all. This got me interested in something called climate change. Basically, climate change means the weather is changing all over the world and becoming harder to predict. Currently, I am in Mauritius studying how the changing weather is affecting people's lives and how they are adjusting. I have just arrived and am excited to share my experiences with you as I explore this amazing place!