Oh, The Places You'll Go!


How do you get to school? Do you take the bus or drive? Here in La Palma, most of my students walk to school, and I walk to school, too. When I travel outside of my city, I can use other forms of transportation. 

How do people get around?:

To travel between islands, people fly or take a boat. Flying between islands takes between thirty minutes and one hour, but taking a boat can take several hours. Canarians travel between the islands for many reasons, like going to the doctor, shopping or visiting family. My roommate is from a different island (Gran Canaria) and flew home to see her family during Carnaval. 

On La Palma, people take the guagua (bus), drive cars or walk to get where they need to go. I have taken the guagua to nearby towns. Each ride costs about 2.50 euros, which is about 3 dollars. I have also traveled by car. My roommate has a car and drove me and her friend to eat lunch on the other side of the island two weeks ago. This weekend, I rented a car with friends, and we explored the north of the island. 

How did I feel when I tried this way of getting around?:

I have taken the guagua (bus) many times to go on hikes and visit museums. I like the freedom of exploring the island at an affordable price. One day I took the guagua to a beach in the north.