Traveler Bio

Hi, my name is Kevin, and I come from a small city called Bell in Los Angeles, California. I am a graduating senior at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I have been in France since the start of this school year and will finish my studies here in June. 

I am currently doing an internship program with a company called Inria, where I am studying social networks and how people from all over the world connect with one another. 

I learned a little bit of French at UCSC, but I'be learned so much more while living out here. At first, it was very difficult, but with much practice and help from my hosts and friends, I am now almost fluent in French! At least, I know enough to order food at my favorite boulangerie (bakery). 

It has always been my dream to come to France, so studying here has been exciting and fulfilling! I'm so glad that you'll join me for this adventure!