Kevin's Journey to Japan

Current Location

Tokyo Japan

Hey there! My name is Kevin, and I've been learning about business and culture in Tokyo, Japan. Follow along with my journey as I make pottery, drink tea, and make new friends along the way.


I'm a long way from Texas! I had a quick layover in Taipei where I enjoyed some fresh beef noodle soup, and then I finally arrived in Tokyo. Let's see how my first week goes!


Hey there y'all! My name is Kevin, and I thought that I'd share a bit about the path I took to an education abroad.

Field Notes

Tokyo is known for its expansive train network. Since we don't have any trains in my hometown of Houston, I was amazed to see how efficient public transport can be!


Enjoy this video that I took throughout the course of a day in Kamakura, a coastal town that was central to the Japanese shogunate (hereditary military dictatorship of Japan from 1192 to 1867).