Farewell Everyone

Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.
33.518589200000, -86.810356700000
Journal Entry:

Hello! It has been such a pleasure to share my virtual internship experience with you. It may not have been the same as getting to travel to Italy, but having the opportunity to conduct health care research alongside Italian supervisors has been a really valuable global experience for me. By sharing it with you, I hope to have inspired you to take advantage of any chance you get to meet and work with people in different places around the world. We all have so much to learn from one another.

Where will your global journey take you? You can follow in my footsteps and have a virtual internship, a study abroad experience, or even an in-person abroad internship someday as part of your education and career development. I'm excited to take what I have learned and apply it to my next adventure... I will be headed to Japan in July! Each global experience builds upon the last one. You know how much I love Japanese culture... can you imagine how excited I am to travel--to Japan!--soon? I hope to see you there someday down the road. 

Until then, ciao! Goodbye!