Traveler Bio

Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요)! Greetings from South Korea! My name is Leah Doherty… but many of you know me as Miss Leah. I’m so excited to share my travel stories with you and explore a new country together. Fun fact about me: I was “made” in China. When I was first adopted from China, my parents, both Irish-American, blessed me with a baby sister and a fluffy white dog named Harry.

More recently I graduated from Harvard University where I studied Education and Moral Philosophy. Eager to learn about what it’s like to teach in other countries, I applied to Fulbright Korea as an English Teaching Assistant after college. In terms of finding a place to teach, it was a no brainer! South Korea has some of the best schools in the world and boasts an impressive model for experiential, play-based learning. Currently, I am living in a homestay in South Korea with a lovely host family. They support my life as a teacher and newcomer by introducing me to new foods, taking me to new places, and helping me to practice my Korean.

When I’m not out exploring, I’m teaching in the classroom and finding new ways to foster my students’ passion for English language learning. In my free time I like to make my own coffee drinks, learn K-pop dances, and coach youth soccer on the weekends. Let's explore South Korea together!