Traveler Bio

Hi! My name is Leslie Vergara. I grew up in Houston, Texas and went to North Carolina for college. I did not have opportunities to travel when I was young, but during high school, I won a scholarship to go to London for two weeks--fully paid! That was my first time flying on an airplane. Since then, I have been a traveler. I like to visit new places and learn about their food, language and dances. Since London, I have traveled to Ghana, Ecuador, Mexico, and finally, participated in a virtual internship in Santiago, Chile.

From studying to volunteering, I strongly believe traveling internationally is the best learning experience. Aside from traveling, I also enjoy baking banana bread, even though I do not like bananas by themselves. Ha! I like to try new desserts in different places and then recreate them in my kitchen. It's a tasty way to experience more of the world! I'm excited to share my global experiences with you.

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