Lynn's Expedition to Kenya

Current Location

Tsavo, Kenya

Hello, young explorers! My name is Lynn, and I'm a PhD student currently studying African savannah elephant movements and behavior in Kasigau Wildlife Corridor in Kenya. I'm so happy you can join me!


Seasons in Africa are different than you may be used to. There are two: the dry season and the wet season. Right now it is the wet season in Kenya, and everything is in bloom with all the recent rain.


Wow, this has been such a fun expedition together! As I finish my work and return to the U.S., I wanted to say "Kwa heri" (goodbye, in Swahili) and thank you for all your great questions.

Field Notes

I have spent a lot of time with children in the Kenyan communities where I conduct my research. Let's take a look at what their daily lives are like!


Did you miss Lynn during her video call from Kenya with Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants? Catch up on her expedition with this recording, in which Lynn answers many wonderful student questions!