Mai's Expedition to Madagascar

Current Location

The Lost Forest, Madagascar

Hi, I'm Mai! I hope you'll join my expedition to Madagascar, where I'll be collecting leeches in a "Lost Forest" and using them to learn more about the unique animals that live there. Let's go!


I spent a total of ten days camping and collecting leeches in The Lost Forest. Let's look at my everyday routine during that time to better understand the rewards and challenges of fieldwork.


Leeches are not traditionally popular creatures, but I'm here to tell you that they're very important, nevertheless. Why? Let me make their case.

Field Notes

What are they? Where are they found? How do they live? Read this article to learn more about these creatures!


Mai has returned from "The Lost Forest" and joins partners Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants for a live video call from Ranomafana National Park in Madagascar to tell the tale. Don't miss it!