Pathways to a Globally-Oriented Future

Madison, AL
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Journal Entry:

As I am currently in 11th grade, now is the time where my decisions about college and my future are most important. 

A big thing that has changed in America is the encouragement to learn languages among youth. Though it has not reached all schools across America, I think there is a stronger drive to learn other languages. This is a result of how connected the world is today, largely because of technology. (Which is allowing us to communicate half an Earth away!) 

Something our teachers and parents always remind us is that learning a language sets you apart from other job applicants. Learning more languages allows us Americans to communicate with more people, regardless of the career.

As I am thinking of a career in diplomacy, learning another language or two is a must. Even for science and math careers, learning another language is beneficial. 

The most common globally-oriented careers I know of are diplomacy, the foreign service, and cybertechnology. Nowadays, technological knowledge is also a must as our world quickly becomes digitalized. I see a lot more students learning digital language as well as spoken language.