Mary's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Ferrol, Spain

Hi, I'm Mary! I'm a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Ferrol, Galicia, which is in the northwest part of Spain. Are you ready to explore this fascinating corner of Spain with me? Let's go!


Here is a week in my life here in Ferrol! When I'm not teaching, I am usually outside trying to enjoy nature. To me, Galicia is one of the most naturally beautiful places on Earth!


Here, I will discuss the different challenges I have faced in integrating myself into the culture of Ferrol, the city where I am living, as well as the comunidad autonama or state, Galicia. 

Field Notes

Semana Santa is the week leading up to Easter that is celebrated across Spain. 


Last week, I took a day trip with my friends to A Coruña which is a city about 45 minutes away from Ferrol. The population is about 244,000 people.