Mary's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Ferrol, Spain

Hi, I'm Mary! I'm a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Ferrol, Galicia, which is in the northwest part of Spain. Are you ready to explore this fascinating corner of Spain with me? Let's go!


Here is a week in my life here in Ferrol! When I'm not teaching, I am usually outside trying to enjoy nature. To me, Galicia is one of the most naturally beautiful places on Earth!


I feel like I just started writing these pieces for you: I really don't know where the time went! My time here in Ferrol is at an and, so here is my last journal.

Field Notes

I tutor a family with three children, so the answers I provide here will come from them. These kids are aged 8, 6, and 3, and their names are Pablo, Pepito and Paloma. 


Here are some pictures that I think are nice or interesting, but that haven't fit into another album or section. I hope you enjoy them!! :)