Megan's Journey to China

Current Location

Zhuhai, China

你好, Nǐ hǎo (Hello)! My name is Megan Prangley, and this semester I'll be working to finish my degrees in International Studies and Chinese in Zhuhai, China. Let's explore China together!


Throughout this week, I was on campus at my university. However, I traveled to "Asia's World City," Hong Kong, with four fellow international students this weekend. Come along with us!


My journey to China has both improved my language skills and opened my eyes to the world! Before I depart, I want to encourage you to explore the world, so that your eyes may be opened, too.

Field Notes

I am encouraged that China promotes positive mental health. I hope China's emphasis on mental health continues to grow, as mental health affects the lives of millions of people worldwide.


Since arriving in China, I have observed a variety of Chinese norms. After being in China for almost two months, I reflect on the similarities and differences between Chinese and American norms.