Final Thoughts

So when I chose to study abroad, going to Germany seemed like the right choice. It hasn't been easy here; within the German-language sphere, there are six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. While here, I have worked hard to improve but have not yet achieved the level I would like. I didn't give up, though, because even if I am not entirely where I would like to be, I have made progress. I work hard and achieve what I can, adapting as I go. Nothing gets done if you stop early. Studying a language can be tiring at times, but this motivation has allowed me to get to this point, so there is no point in stopping now.

I've learned a lot besides levels of language, though. Being here has taught me to mix in some fun and time to relax and decompress beyond the work and to create the environment I want. Sometimes it's important to separate work from play and to work on what you want, not what others need. With these values, I have been able to create memories that I will never forget.

Although my journey with you has been focused on the technical aspects of Germany, I've been able to show you many of the travel-related parts of my trip. I hope you enjoyed the experience and that it motivates you to create your own global adventure. Choose one not based on what someone else wants, but what interests you! When you create the path you want, it takes work.  But with that work, you will be able to accomplish whatever you dream—one tiny step at a time.