Beauty in the Wild


One third of the country is covered in forest, with mountain ranges and rivers stretching across the whole of Germany. Wetlands like the Elbe marshes extend along the lower and middle part of Northern Germany. The city of Berlin is built on a marsh! Germany has a very rich green environment, although this is not as evident in the most urban areas.  Some historic cities, though, such as Heidelberg, are well-known for their natural beauty. And during my break, I was able to visit Heidelberg! With its historic castle on the hill, it's place with appeal for the young and old. I also lived there for four years while in Germany as a kid! In Heidelberg, you are never far from a new adventure.

What makes this environment special or different?:

While Heidelberg is known for its international university with over 600 years of history, it is still considered to be located in the countryside along the Necker River and Rhine valley slopes of the forest-covered hills of Odenwald. Odenwald is a mountain range in the German states of Hesse, Bavria and Baden-Wuerttemburg.