My Cape Coast, Accra, and Vodza Album


First up is Accra, where you can find the Black Star Monument that celebrates Ghana's independence from Great Britain
The capital of Ghana, Accra, has a market called Makola that is much larger than the outdoor market in Tamale
In Makola Market, a vendor named Nii sells beads, which Ghanaians of all ages - including babies! - wear around their waists, arms, legs, and necks. Nii said that Ghanaians put heavy beads on their babies so they can grow strong limbs.
Accra is close to the Atlantic Ocean, so seafood and large snails are a delicacy in Makola Market!
Let's not forget about the crabs in Makola, which Ghanaians put in dishes like tomato stew!
Next up is Vodza (pron. "Vojah") in the Volta Region of Ghana, where the land is cool, watery, and green - Much different from Tamale!
Vodza (pron. "Vojah") is home to a large body of water called the Keta Lagoon, which is the largest lagoon in Ghana
Whereas the land is dry and dusty in Tamale, you can find seashells on the shore of Keta Lagoon