Traveler Bio

Salvete amici! (Hello friends)

My name is Morgan Dye and welcome to the homepage for my adventures in Italy!

I am a college sophomore studying English, History, and Music at the University of Dallas. I want to be a storyteller, and I am learning to perfect my craft through constant practice. A "craft" is a job that one has a deep love for.

When I was growing up, I lived in a constant state of change because both of my parents were in the army. We were always moving. Throughout all my adventures, I have accumulated many fun stories to tell. I am excited to share my latest experiences with you! Learning about new cultures and collecting fun stories adds spice to life. I hope that, with my stories, you will be just as excited to start off on your own adventures.

Always remember an adventure can be anything, and the way you experience everything comes down to framing. "Framing" is a technique where you find the good things about a situation and focus on them while remembering that you are the hero of YOUR story. Don’t sit by and feel like you are not in control. You are in control when you reframe your story. So...what will be your adventure today?

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