Nicole's Journey to Germany

Current Location

Ludwigshafen Germany

Hallo! Hello! I'm Niki and this year I'm living in Ludwigshafen, Germany! I help teach English in a German school, and I can't wait to explore German culture with you all along the way.


This week was a normal winter week filled with special moments. 


I'm over halfway through my program now and I've learned a lot along the way. Thanks for reading about my experiences in Germany! 

Field Notes

We see many different animals every day. Some of my favorite places in Ludwigshafen is called Ebert Park. At the park, I see interesting animals called coots! They are water birds, like ducks.


Duffy the Traveling Bear is six years old and has been traveling around the world with me! He's been to many different places in Germany over the last year, let's see where he's been!