Nos Vemos!

I still have more than six months in Argentina, and I hope that I will be able to travel to cities like Bariloche, El Chaltén, Ushuaia and many others. I hope to be able to eat my way through the Argentine countryside and to take cooking classes from local chefs. I hope to join my neighbors in the park for a Saturday morning dance class. I hope to see my research team face-to-face so that we can once again share maté in a morning meeting.

Even if none of these goals can happen, or if they happen in some modified form, I will choose to be happy with this experience. Traveling, immersing yourself in another culture and connecting with people worldwide is a privilege that I am grateful to experience. I hope that through all of your explorations this semester, you have become curious students who are excited to learn more about and see more of our beautiful world. Make the most of any opportunity that comes your way. 

One thing I love about saying goodbye in Argentina is that instead of saying goodbye, you can say nos vemos, which means we will see each other. So nos vemos, and thank you for sharing this journey with me.