Traveler Bio

你们好 / Nǐ men hǎo / Hello!

My name is Raghav Aggarwal, but my Chinese teachers love to call me 葛瑞和 (Gé ruì hé). I am 20 years old and I am from Sugar Land, Texas, in southwest Houston. Growing up in what I believe to be the most diverse city in the U.S., I loved meeting people from different cultures and eating every food imaginable! I was active in the community and political service in high school, and I had the opportunity to learn the perspectives of the many different immigrant communities that I call neighbors. I am a third-year student at The University of Texas at Austin, where I study international relations, economics, and Asian studies.

One day, I hope to become a United States Diplomat and work on foreign policy in Washington D.C., and abroad. Currently, I live right in the hustle and bustle of Taipei, attending classes at Taiwan's top school, National Taiwan University. On top of building my Chinese proficiency, I am learning about the uniqueness of East Asia's politics, economics, and culture from the most qualified professors in the region. In my free time, I am exploring everything in Taiwan and creating unforgettable memories. I am excited to share my experiences with you all...let's go!

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