Things to End On and Live By

Exeter England UK
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Journal Entry:

I do not know of an adequate way to sum up the things I have learned and experienced over the past few months. I have had remarkable times, hard days and many confusing moments. I have accidentally walked nearly 20 miles after not planning a trip well enough, slept in a hostel room with 15 other people, learned more about British culture than I ever knew there was to learn and visited places that I have been dreaming of seeing for years. To end my trip, I am going to share some of the things I learned while in England that I will hopefully live by throughout my life.

One: Embrace Loneliness. 

I do not think I have ever felt as alone as when I stepped onto the plane to London knowing I was going to a foreign country alone where I would not even have a cell phone plan upon landing. Since then, I have been to many places, including Scotland and London by myself and had stunning experiences while learning about how I deal with situations and interact with others. Because of my trip, I know I can be independent and figure out how to solve problems without help sometimes. Also while alone, I learned how to better interact with strangers, how scary it is to wander a cemetery alone at night and how to use maps - somewhat.