Ryan's Journey to China

Current Location

Guangzhou, China

Ni Hao! Hello! My name is Ryan and I am traveling in South China as a Fulbright Research Fellow. Join me on my journey to learn all about one of the busiest, most fascinating parts of the world!


Hello again! This week in Guangzhou the weather finally got warmer and I got to travel around a little more to see what was happening in this huge city. 


I'm sad that it's time for me to say "Zai Jian" (goodbye in Chinese). I hope that some of you will stay interested in China and that you might want to visit this amazing country yourself someday! 

Field Notes

Today, we're going to talk about the idea of "community" in China and how it might be similar or different to the same idea in Brooklyn. Can you point out how community affects your life?


This year, I spent the Lunar New Year going to Shanghai and then out into the countryside of Anhui Province to celebrate the holiday with my friend and his family. Come take a look!