Traveler Bio

Selemat Datang! Welcome! My name is Ryan and I am from a small town in Pennsylvania called Warrington, which is about an hour away from the historic city of Philadelphia. Although I was born in a small town where there are not many people, I now go to school in Los Angeles, which is called the City of Angels. It is a super big city and very different from where I grew up, but I love to go to the beach and see art museums, so Los Angeles is perfect for me. I study religion, which means I get to see the different holidays people around the world celebrate and learn about how they live! Religion is something very important to many people, so it is good to learn about what they believe so that you can better understand them!

I am currently studying in Indonesia, so I have been able to see really cool dances and art that people make to celebrate their religion. I will also get to swim in pretty waterfalls and in the Pacific Ocean since I will be living on two of the 17,000 islands that make up Indonesia! I love to swim and take pictures of beautiful beaches, so Indonesia will be such a great place for me to learn and explore! I already have some experience abroad because I spent last spring in the amazing country of India. I did not have a group of awesome students coming along for my journey in India, though, so I am very excited for you all to join me on some wild adventures and see how incredible and beautiful Indonesia is.