Traveler Bio

Hallo! Hello! My name is Sabrina (like the witch!) and I am from The Bronx, New York. I love the neighborhood I live in. During summer in the Bronx, you can find open fire hydrants, sidewalk barbecues, and vendors selling dollar ice cream from a cart. I almost always get a mix of cherry and coconut from the ice cream stand. What I love most about the Bronx is that it is one big community, with people who shout "Hi!" and "Goodbye!" from across the street. 

As much as I love my home, I wanted to know what the world was like beyond the Bronx. So, I chose to go far away to Wisconsin for college. In Wisconsin, the winters are really cold and the cheese is really good! I study cultural anthropology at Lawrence University. I am currently in my senior year of college and am spending my first semester studying abroad in Vienna, Austria. I'm excited to share this experience with you!

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