Traveler Bio

Hello! My name is Sahara, and I am 21 years old. I currently study and live in Washington, D.C. Ever since I was very young, my home was a mix of cultures. My mom is from Puerto Rico, and my dad is from Senegal, so growing up, I learned to cook foods from both of my parents’ cultures, and I tried my hardest to learn their dances and languages as well. My parents showed me that the world is bigger than just my surroundings. My mom also taught me how to garden, and my dad taught me how important it was to reuse and recycle things at home. Through them, I learned how much protecting nature matters to me.

Years later, I continue to learn about other countries in my college classes. I studied abroad because I wanted to learn and observe other ways of doing things with my own eyes. I hope you enjoy going on a journey with me to the Israeli side of the Arava Valley! There is so much to learn from this semi-arid, yet super lively southern region of Israel!

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