So Long, Farewell, "Auf Wiedersehen", Goodbye!

Bremen, Germany
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Journal Entry:

Have you ever felt that your life could be divided into distinct periods of time marked by the end of one experience and the beginning of another? Maybe your family moved houses, or your sibling was born, or you met an interesting classmate who would end up becoming your best friend. When we write about our lives, we tend to use these milestones to help us organize the influential events that have made us who we are today. As I sit in my dorm room at Jacobs University Bremen, writing to you all, I can feel one stage of my life coming to a close. Classes ended about two weeks ago, and we are now in finals period, which is when professors evaluate student performance by giving us exams to complete and essays to write. My last exam is on Wednesday (December 22) and I fly out the very next morning at 6 AM to return to the United States. Suddenly, I can count on one hand the number of days I have left, here, which is shocking to think about. 

I have resolved to enjoy the remainder of my stay in Germany by soaking up the sights and sounds of Weihnachtszeit (Christmas-time).