Travel News

How far did I travel this week?:

This week we traveled a total of 650 kilometers (404 miles) to get to Porto, and also for our drive to the mountains.

How far have I traveled on this journey so far?:

For Porto, we drove about 508 kilometers, which is around 315 miles each way. For our trip to the mountains, we drove around 150 kilometers (93 miles) to and from the location in the mountains and back to Porto.

How did I get around this week?:

We got around by using our feet and a car. Within the city, we mainly used our feet, because it was such a small city and we were so close to the city center that we didn't need to use public transportation. We had to use a car to get to and from Porto and the mountains.

What was the most interesting place I visited this week?:

I loved the bookstore because my friends and I are huge fans of books. It was hard for us to walk out of that store with only two books each, because we wanted to buy everything in the bookstore!

Other Travel News from this week:

I have all my travel plans set for Christmas break! As it is too expensive to go back home to Montana, I will be flying back to Poland for two weeks to visit friends. I'm super excited to see the Christmas markets of both Kraków and Berlin. I have a 24-hour layover in Berlin on my way to Poland.