Unlocking the Oceans' Secrets

What lies in the darkest, most remote depths of our oceans? The explorers at Ocean Infinity are using cutting-edge technology to explore Earth's last major frontier--and you can join the expedition!

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

How do people get around in the Canaries? There are many different forms of transportation, including planes, buses, boats, cars and walking on the trails around the island. 

Home Away from Home

I arrived in Haneda Airport, Tokyo just two weeks before the Fall 2019 semester began in September. During that time, I made myself at home in my dorm and explored areas nearby. 

To the Bat Cave! Exploring to Save a Species

My name is Dr. Kristen Lear, and as a bat conservationist I work around the world to study and protect bats! Read on to learn what it’s like being a woman in bat conservation.

Heredia Central: My Primary City Abroad

Although I have been in Costa Rica for only a little over a month, I have had the adventures of a lifetime! Come join me on my adventures in my primary city abroad!

All About Atiya

Hello, everyone!  Ready to learn about my journey to Italy?  Read on to get to know me before we begin!

Leading the Way in Whale Shark Conservation

Hi, my name is Stella Diamant and I'm a Belgian conservation biologist working on endangered whale sharks in Madagascar! I'm going to tell you how I became a conservationist and why I love my job.

Being the First Female High-Altitude Archaeologist

Hello, my name is Constanza Ceruti. I'm an Argentinean anthropologist and the first woman high-altitude archaeologist in history. What will we find at the top of the mountains? Let's find out!

Welcome Aboard to My Journey Abroad!

Hello! I’m Lauren, and I'd like to share more with you about how my early learning experiences impacted my decision to study in Tokyo, Japan.

La Vida es un Carnaval

Why did all of my students wear wigs to school on Friday and white to school on Monday? Why were the hallways full of music and the playground alive with dancing and confetti? Because it is Carnaval!


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