Scientific Drilling in the South Atlantic Ocean

Current Location

Queens, New York

What can we learn by drilling holes in the seabed far beneath the South Atlantic Ocean? Climb aboard the JOIDES Resolution as a team of scientists investigate this mysterious underwater world!


This week, we sailed by ship nearly 2,000 miles from Cape Town to our current location, where we plan to drill into the ocean crust to obtain hard, igneous rocks that formed millions of years ago.


Hi, students! This is Dr. Pekar, and I am back in Queens, New York, after spending nearly nine weeks in the Atlantic Ocean as part of this amazing expedition. Let's reflect on this incredible voyage!

Field Notes

It is a major undertaking to get all the scientists and scientific technicians from around the world aboard the JOIDES Resolution before it leaves port. This was Dr. Pekar's journey!


What does it look and sound like to deploy the JOIDES Resolution's drill and obtain a core sample from the bottom of the South Atlantic Ocean? Let's join the ship and watch them in action!