My Amazing Journey to the Starting Line

Just think of what questions he would ask and the wonder he would feel as the plane suddenly started to accelerate down the runway! Then, imagine his astonishment as the plane quickly began to rise into the sky! Can you think of a person from history and imagine what they would think about modern-day airplane flight?

Is this way of getting around connected to the culture and environment, How?:

After all this travel--from New York to London to Cape Town to Kruger National Park and back to Cape Town--I'm just now arrving at the beginning of my ship-based expedition. I have seen and done so much over the last two weeks, all of which was possible because it is so easy to travel quickly from place to place. Each mode of transportation helps me see the world in a different way, whether it's from up above the clouds at 450 miles per hour (the average speed of a passenger airplane) or slow and up-close from the backseat of an open-air truck. Now, as I journey into the remote South Atlantic Ocean aboard a ship, I will embrace another unique form of transportation that humans have used for thousands of years. Let's continue on this journey together!

Cape Town, South Africa
Location Data:
POINT (18.4240553 -33.9248685)