Tell Me Your Story-The importance of Storytelling while living abroad

Journal Entry:

As your prepare for your departure, take time to decide how you will document your journey!

Here are some unique ways to document your time abroad:

  1. Prioritize photography and videography—simply use your phone for this, or, if you have a nice camera, take full advantage of these opportunities to visually document your experience.


a). It is fun to keep physical copies of tickets and brochures, also hotel addresses and airbnbs, or dorms you have stayed. This is especially important considering the fact that, as Anne as mentioned before, it can be difficult to remember where these places once were when you try to return to them years later. Another reason why having videography is fun, too, is its usefulness in reminding you of the little things you otherwise would have forgotten. For instance, on our last day in Greifswald Germany, my husband did a video showing him bike riding along our usual route, and I was reminded there is so much I have forgotten even just being two years ago.


b). Try scrapbooking to store all of your memories.