Until Next Time!

I’m thankful that my time in Chile isn’t yet over so that I may continue to sink into my home away from home. And while I have formed a sense of normalcy, living here is by no means dull. In fact, the other day I was literally jolted awake by an earthquake! But on a serious note, I am continuing to learn every day, whether it’s more Spanish vocabulary, Chilean culture and life, or information about the education system through my work.

I hope my experience has inspired you to travel, whether by plane or car or even through books or digital media. I encourage you to be curious, to build friendships with people from different places, and to seek opportunities to travel. Keep in mind, though, that traveling is a privilege. Educate yourself about sustainable tourism and how to be respectful of local communities. Seek funding opportunities in college and be open to going places you may never have thought to go. You won't regret it!