Sophia's Journey to Mexico

Current Location

Chetumal, Quintana Roo, México

Together, it's time to explore a country with which we share a strong history, with which we are joined by the earth, and by which we can come to know a rich and incredible culture. ¡Vamos a México!


We've learned a bit about the bay in Chetumal, so now it's time to check out another awesome ecosystem of México... the jungle! Temples, jaguars and swinging vines await us in Palenque, Chiapas.


After lots of traveling, questioning and learning, we've become experienced explorers, ready to take on any destination. Brooklyn, just like México, is filled with adventure. What will you find next?

Field Notes

Ladies and gentleman, damas y caballeros, I welcome you to "A Symphony on the Streets". In this musical number, we will learn about the many wonderful noises of Chetumal and what they all mean.


I have compiled a video of snippets from all my favorite moments so far... can you spot anything that looks familiar from my old posts? With over 20 different clips, there is a lot to explore!