Climate Change Album


Nowadays, Fall doesn't arrive until almost Christmas in Córdoba, which is very late considering the trees used to start changing in October or early November
My friend and I visited some natural hot springs in northern Spain, but the baths were empty; less rain, or more unpredictable rainfall, is something that also affects farmers
Many years ago, the Guadalquivir river was navigable by large boats; however, now you can see that sediment has filled in the riverbed making it impossible for boats to pass through, giving an example of how the climate has changed over time
In August, there are now more days in a row where the temperature doesn't fall below 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit), making it increasingly difficult for folks, like farmers, who work outside in the summer months
I visited my roommate's "pueblo" and her parents told me how it used to snow so much in the winter, but now it hardly snows at all
Olive trees are a good crop for farmers to plant in the dry south because they don't require much rain
Some farmers feel they have to change the crops they are used to growing to types that grow well under the new climatic conditions
Some farmers advocate for "dehesas", or integrated systems of pasture and trees, which provide shade, habitat (for increased biodiversity) and permanent root systems that hold soil in place