Soren's Journey to Hungary

Current Location

Budapest, Hungary

Join me on my journey to Budapest, Hungary! Budapest is a beautiful city in Central Eastern Europe. It is split by the Danube River. One side is called Buda and one is called Pest.


In this logbook, I will describe my past week in Budapest. I had an amazing week and some great cultural experiences! I have been very busy and am continuing to work, study, and go cultural events. 


In this journal entry, I will describe the impact that my semester abroad in Budapest has had on me. I will go into what I have learned and how I have changed as a person! Enjoy!

Field Notes

This post dives deeper into the daily life of my friend Adam. His one of my buddies from my university in Budapest. He has a great interest in improving his English and learning more about the U.S. 


I took a train from Budapest to Prague one weekend. It was a  ten hour train ride. I got to meet some of my friends from Denver in Prague for a reunion. We had a blast discovering the city together!