Tokyo Tower and Buddhist Shrines


Tokyo Tower is an Eiffel Tower inspired radio tower built in 1958. It is found in Minato, the business center of Tokyo. It functions mostly as a radio tower, but also as a sight for tourists.
One of the many temples outside of Tokyo Tower. Buddhism is one of the most popular religions in Japan.
Inside of Tokyo Tower you can buy all sorts of anime and video game toys. I particularly love the Dragonball Z action figures!
Outside of Tokyo Tower you can find a garden with this replica of the tower. It is a very relaxing spot to take pictures with family.
Before entering the temples and shrines, it is Buddhist tradition to wash one's hands. Here I am preparing to wash my hands, allowing me to be clean and purified.
Down the street from Tokyo Tower you can find a series of Buddhist shrines dedicated to children. Parents come here to wish for the safety of their children and peace for those who they have lost.
Each little statue and red hat represents one family's child. There are statues for both children who have passed away and those who are sick. They are supposed to represent safety for the future.