Traveler Bio

¡Holá. Me nombre es Tamia! Hi, my name is Tamia! I am 20 years old and from Pell City, Alabama. When I graduated from Pell City High School, I went to Birmingham-Southern College to study international business. I have loved Spanish ever since I was younger and my older sister came home from school with new Spanish words to share with me. The accent is very beautiful and it is a little bit easier to learn than some other languages. I decided to continue to study Spanish at Birmingham-Southern, and eventually decided to add Spanish as a second major.

Traveling abroad has always been a dream of mine. I want to be an international businesswoman! Therefore, I’m very excited to be in Spain as a first-time traveler, and doubly excited to share this experience with you all. ¡Vámonos a mi viaje juntos! Let’s go on a journey together!