A Kid's Life in Portugal

Porto Portugal
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Journal Entry:

Hello everyone! I hope from my little essay you all will be able to appreciate the interesting life of school children like yourself in Portugal. You will find some interesting and relatable facts that I was not aware of until I was on my own journey, walking across the country on my way to Spain along the Camino de Santiago. Portugal is an ancient country with many traditions that we might only look at and think “No way, I thought this only existed in fiction novels!” only to discover that these traditions were, in fact, the origin of fictitious narratives that are culturally important to us here in America now. Often that is just the joy of traveling: learning how other places are already a part of our own culture.

I explored the city of Porto, Portugal while sauntering along the promenade in the city. Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal.The city and port thrived during the Spanish and Portuguese exploration of the New World. Hence its tightly-packed, colonial architecture. Today Porto is famous for "Port" wine and natural scenic beauty. The city (actually, two cities) is built on steep hills on either side of the Douro River. In the mornings, the city feels cool as its narrow steep streets and stairways are clogged with fog.