Tyrrhenian Continent-Ocean Transition Expedition

Current Location

Underwater volcanic activity off the coast of Italy is bringing rock from deep inside the planet to the surface of the seabed. What clues to Earth's inner workings will the JOIDES Resolution uncover?


We have already drilled in two locations where we collected lots of sediment samples. The micropaleontologists have been looking for really small fossils to understand the age of the sediment layers.


The Expedition 402 crew members have struggled to say goodbye because it marks one more day closer until our ship returns and we've become family!

Field Notes

It takes a lot of meetings, phone calls, and other planning to even get to the start line for an expedition like this. Enjoy this glimpse at different journeys to the same starting point in Italy!


In this third livestream event, join Tessa and Larkin one last time on JOIDES Resolution to tour the geochemistry lab and see how fresh core samples from the Tyrrhenian Sea are further analyzed.