Victoria's Journey to the United Kingdom

Current Location


Come across the pond with me to London! Join me for a year in the bustling and international city of London as I visit museums and taste food around the city. Let's have an adventure together!


Hi Class!

I just flew back to London after the holidays. I am back to complete my second semester of graduate school and recently attended a conference in Cardiff, Wales!


In the United Kingdom, people have a different relationship with history than we do in the United States. Though London is a constantly growing and developing city, there is history everywhere!!

Field Notes

In London, it can be difficult to find nature, but you can find beauty everywhere if you know where to look. In London there are urban foxes, canals and picturesque parks.


Moving to London has been the experience of a lifetime. To document this experience I have decided to start an instagram and youtube channel called BlackArtHerstory