Wasseem's Journey to China

Current Location

Shanghai, China

Join me on my journey to Shanghai, China! I attend University of Michigan-Shanhai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute and I study mechanical engineering during the week and Chinese culture everyday!


To celebrate the successful completion of our midterms, a group of seven of us decided to visit the magical city of Zhangjiajie.  Come take a look at our adventures!


Join me as I reflect back on my life in China and highlight the many spontaneous events that I will never forget.

Field Notes

China is an extremely collective society that has a high focus on family, community, and safety.  Learn a bit about what I've discovered about safety and security here in China!


Here's a couple shots from a really great weekend that included a very international Thanksgiving, the TechCrunch conference, and a trip to the Yellow Mountains in Huangshan, China!