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Hop aboard one of the largest sailing cruise ships in the world this winter for an incredible virtual exchange circumnavigation of the Caribbean Sea! You're invited to join Wind Surf, as she visits ports throughout the Caribbean, South America and Central America, exploring the rich tapestry of cultures and natural beauty along the way. Over the course of eight weeks, we'll investigate unique island traditions, the underwater world, traditional Caribbean foods, and how a technologically-advanced ship like Wind Surf prepares for and undergoes an adventure of this magnitude.

Students will hear directly from the ship's officers, engineers, chefs and destination specialists and then get answers to all their questions through published articles and live video calls from the ship. What is it like to embark on a journey by sea? How are islands connected to the food they produce? What can we learn about a place by exploring its unique traditions? Join the expedition to the Caribbean aboard Wind Surf this winter, and we'll find the answers together!