Women of the Poles

It was not just going to a place and taking a picture that fascinated me, I wanted to learn as much as I could and truly explore the landscape and culture. Before I was 30 years old, I had been to all seven continents. But, the places that fascinated me the most were the cold ones; Alaska, the Arctic and most of all, Antarctica. Let me tell you why I love Antarctica (and its not because of the toilet!).

What I love most about Antarctica is that the whole entire continent is owned by no one (note I said continent and not a country). The Antarctic Treaty signed by 53 countries, dedicates the entire continent to peace and science. That means, that while some countries have their own bases down there, everyone gets along working together from different bases to help get the science done safely. Countries will help each other out if they need a ride, send supplies or help during an emergency. I love how everyone works together to get the science done. I never thought science would get me to the polar regions. Now I love sharing my story so other students might see the possibilities of places they can go.

What got me to all of those different places was science. I loved stargazing as a kid, which led me to a college degree in Physics and Astronomy. It made my brain hurt to think about how the universe formed but I loved it! Studying allowed me to find a new passion in Antarctica and I did a post graduate certificate in Antarctic Studies and even went to Scott Base conducting field work. I continued to study working remotely with a Neutrino Detector built beneath the ice of the South Pole.