Traveler Bio

Maps are an essential part of our lives. They help us discover new places, get from here to there, and understand exactly where we are on this planet. While most people use maps to find their way around, the world of modern mapping can do way more than that! Modern maps take what we know about the world and display it in a way that helps us see surprising patterns and connections. They uncover solutions to seemingly unrelated problems, and often help people achieve goals that would otherwise be impossible. In short, modern maps are powerful!

Over the course of six weeks, we'll be connecting with the GIS (global information systems) experts at Esri to learn more about the power of modern mapping. Through written articles and live video calls, you will see how the right map can help promote equality, understand (and combat) the COVID-19 pandemic, and inspire people to action in the fight against climate change. We'll even talk about careers in GIS! If you're curious about the world around you, join us--you'll never look at maps the same way after this.