Yejin's Journey to New Zealand

Current Location

Wellington, New Zealand

Hi, I'm Yejin, and this semester I'll be studying abroad at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. I'm so excited to share my experiences in this island nation with you!


Come take a look at a normal day in New Zealand. In sunny Wellington, I love to go hiking and visit new places almost everyday, even while following social distancing guidelines!


Life in New Zealand is not the same as that in America. People have different opinions and ways of understanding each other. Find out what I've learned from my encounters with local Kiwi residents!

Field Notes

Wellington is a beautiful and unique city. The area consists of farmland, the coast and hilly areas. As the "nicest city in the world," it has many outdoor and indoor activities to explore!


New Zealand was in Level 4 lockdown for four weeks. Only essential businesses such as supermarkets and pharmacies were open. After four weeks, people came out to enjoy the sunny day and warm beach.